Review Policy

*What Kind of book genre do i read?

i read YA novels , YA fiction, to be exact, i read a lot of paranormal romance,dystopia,sci-fi,chick lit, kind of books  and from time to time i read adult fiction as well.

*what kind of book genre i don't read?

i don't read Erotica Novels, i just happen to read one erotica novel and i didn't like it! up until now i am still cringing from the memory of it!
i do read Adult Fiction Novels BUT i only stick to ADULT FANTASY,
I Don't read Memoir,Self help and Non Fiction. 

*How do I rate books?


- I Really love it

-like it

- it was tolerable

- don't read it!


*how do i review books?

i review books base on its characters,plot,originality and writing style.
i write my reviews in my own point of view, and i'm just trying to be honest as possible as i can .please respect my opinions and criticisms, i also post my reviews on my Goodreads account and from time to time a post the review links on my twitter account

*Do I only review books?

No.. from time to time i post some reviews from TV shows that I love and Movies as well, but since i never get tired of reading... book reviews are very much evident in this blog. :D

Happy Reading!

Lurve these blogs! ^^