Jun 16, 2011

back cover of Iron Knight! AND OMG! IT'S NOT ASH!

TADAAAAAA!!!!!! kyaaaa!!! OMG! it's PUCK! ahhh!

this is the back cover of the wildly anticipated book of the Iron Fey Series, THE IRON KNIGHT! some book covers have the same front cover and back cover, BUT LOOK(pointing at the screen)! the back cover  is NOT ASH! it's PUCK!! AHHHH! DAMN HE IS SO DARN HOT! he reminds me of Chuck from Gossip Girl.. ahhh! *fangirl scream* LOL


  1. Ooh! I can't wait to read that. I just found this series and was only able to get "The Iron Queen". Love it so far and it is easy to keep up without having read the other books. Following you from Book Blogs!

  2. Great blog. Following you from bookblogs. I would like to invite you over to my blog at http://mylife-in-stories.blogspot.com

    Hope to see you there for a follow. Donna

  3. Hi Gabby, Thank you for stopping by my blog and following, here I am at yours and I must say for a newbie (like me hehe) I absolutely love your blog. It is awesome very well done! Please feel free to stop by mine anytime, maybe sometime we could do something together. :)

  4. For this final Iron Fey installment, we are also pulled into Prince Ash's POV for the first time instead of Meghan and it is an eye-opening experience that fans of the series will love. Getting to know Ash from a more internal experiences makes this book an absolute must-read for fans of this series, especially all those of us who are very solidly Team Ash.


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