Jun 2, 2011

Book Cover: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa


ahh! last night i swore on twitter that i will stay up late so i can witness the revelation of this book cover,  sheesh, my eyes betrayed me! next thing i know, it's 8am in the morning... ahhh!

anyway i have been always a TEAM PUCK i never fantasized what PRINCE ASH looked like... Ash is so darn hot in this cover... that eyes..that eyes.. oh man! (fighting the urges to switch to team Ash) ahhh!

 Julie Kagawa has been teasing on twitter that the iron knight cover is by far the best cover of the entire series... well it turns out that she is right... :)

i can only wish right now that this book will be available in our country when it's out!


--- GabbY ^^


  1. I don't know why but he kinda looks like young robert pattinson when he played cedric on HP! haha. :) Totally gorgeous cover though!

  2. oh yeah!! he kinda looks like cedric.. haha!!! i really really love the cover!!! :) i'm just confused cause Ash's eyes are gray right? not blue..?

  3. I dont care if his eyes are blue or gray or rainbow as long as his HOT and mine! LOL kidding. :D btw, gab you have blog button so I can add you in my affiliate book blogger. :P

  4. @siren: haha! yah! i'm really fighting the urges to switch to team ash... oh sure i'll make a blog button.. ^^ i'll grab yours too. :)


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