Jun 14, 2011

Book Review: The Hairdresser in Herare by Tendai Huchu

Synopsis from Goodreads
Vimbai, the self proclaimed number one hairdresser in Harare is livid with jealousy when the good looking, smooth-talking Dumisani joins the esteemed Mrs Khumalo’s Hair Salon and snatches the number one spot. Against her better judgement Vimbai soon falls under his infectious charm not knowing that Dumisani holds a shocking secret, one that will turn her views of the world upside-down. The Hairdresser of Harare catapults us into the world of Zimbabwe’s elite society, where stereotypes and prejudices are as abundant as the lavishness. It tactfully tackles the issue of homosexuality that most African literature shies away from

Book Title: The Hairdresser in Herare
Author: Tendai Huchu
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Adult
My Rating:★★★★☆

Book Review
this will have to be my very first book that is set in Africa, This book is actually set in Zimbabwe.

so what is my thoughts about this book?

actually at first i don't know what to expect in this book, since the book is titled "the Hairdresser in Herare" i was thinking this book would just evolve around the ups and downs of being a hairdresser. the challenges that a hairdresser has to face everyday.

this book is actually about a single mother who was accidentally got pregnant because of her affair to a married man, she works as a hairdresser and she actually own the spotlight in a salon where she is working until a new hairdresser came to town, Dumi. Dumi is this very quirky and very imaginative kind of hairdresser that makes each customer in the salon beautiful after their given haircut.

at first the book will lead you to an idea that this will lead to some kind of rivalry. but actually this story contains a certain depth in to it, as you read on you will be confuse on what Dumi really is, cause he is keeps giving this very cryptic message on what he truly is. and it never crossed in my mind that Vimbai and Dumi will form a camaraderie.

what i really appreciate about this book is the writing, it's very concrete and realistic, the author didn't beat around the bush, the writing is very straight to the point. and the dialogues are really nice very quirky and funny. while I'm reading this some parts make me grin. :)

overall this is a nice read, I'm glad that i get to read this book, it's very light and it gives me a whole new perception in the world where i live in, this is very refreshing. i actually recommend this to everyone. :D

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