Jun 6, 2011

Movies: Breaking Dawn Trailer

haa!! Oh my! i think i lose some of my "Twilight Fangirl mojo" haha! owww.. what do i think of the trailer?

ok, erm Jacob looks hotter than edward, i mean come on! look at that Hair style @ 1:02.. gee.. LOL
but some of the intimate scenes look hot.. haha!
but  to be honest i am not really excited for the movie, i lost some of my interest  in this movie, i really much prefer the books... IDK if i will watch this one. hmmm... i better think hard. I am more excited for the huger games and the City of bones movie.. :D


  1. Hi Gabby *waves*

    Thanks for dropping by @ We Fancy Books!
    We're following you already :)

    I really love the Breaking Dawn Trailer! I saw the world premiere on the MTV Movie Awards and really it's awesome... still haven't read Breaking Dawn yet tho the trailer makes me want to. We're also looking forward on for The Hunger Games and City of Bones Movie! What do you think of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland? Hmm we have our thoughts and rants here.

    Btw did you know that Kai of Amaterasu Reads is holding a meet up on June 18th? We would love to have in there :) we would talk about books all day! if you're interested see the whole buzz here.

  2. thank you so much for following! :) i am one of ameteresu reads followers, oh my there's a meet up! i totally wanna go! hoping my schedule will cooperate with me. :D


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