Oct 24, 2011

Book Review: The Seven-The Key of Credence

Synopsis from Goodreads

First of five books. The Key of Credence tells us about Ryan and her friends and how their simple curiosity brought forth a multitude of problems to them. This book lets the readers experience an entirely new and different world—one that involves the Heavens and the Helles, and most of all—it shows how the humans themselves and how the innate goodness of their souls can create a huge difference on just about everything.

Book Title: The Seven-The Key of Credence
Author:Veronica Mist
My Rating:

Book Review

this book was actually given to me by the author for review. I am giving my overwhelming gratitude for trusting me enough to review this book and also giving me the hard copy of the book. :D

I did enjoy reading this book cause i feel like i was transported back to my childhood days, the way the charcters in the book seek adventures and at an early age they seek magic and they believe that they exist. just those couple of parts , this book really caught my attention cause as I've said I feel like i was a kid again when i've read this one.

the characters are also something that i really liked, they are all tweeners (ahm... maybe their age bracket falls on 12 to 13 years old) even though i don't belong in the age bracket (Teehee >:) i have made a connection with their characters and i love it that they posses different kinds of personalities and traits and I am glad that i can relate in each one of them. The main character Ryan/Trish-a (I really love her name) at first she is this kind of reckless girls who craves adrenaline in her system but as you read on, it's really nice to see that she became responsible and becomes more knowledgable as the story progresses.

what i appreciate the most in this book is that it contains values. it's about friendship,loyalty and trust. 

the writing style also is really good i feel like I am transported into a fantasy/magical world as described in the book and i like the cute little button people in the book. the book kinda reminds me of some of the faery YA books that I've read regarding the setting and magic in it.

overall: i enjoyed reading this one. Lots of intriguing questions left unanswered. so I am looking forward for the next installment. :))


  1. I;m looking forward to read this.

  2. I enjoyed reading your comments on Veronica's book - I was also given a book to review so I knew exactly what you were talking about :) Here is the link to my review of the same book and do check it out if you have a spare moment: http://www.junyingkirk.com/?p=682


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