Nov 10, 2011

Book Review: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Synopsis from Goodreads

Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch.

That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, and fairies). But that was before she discovered the family secret, and that her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earth.

Turns out, Sophie’s a demon, one of only two in the world—the other being her father. What’s worse, she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal, a dangerous procedure that will destroy her powers.

But once Sophie arrives she makes a shocking discovery. Her new friends? They’re demons too. Meaning someone is raising them in secret with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they’re using Archer to do it. But it’s not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

Book Title: Demonglass (Hex Hall #2)
Author: Rachel Hawkins
My Rating:


I finally get to read the second book of Hex Hall! yipee! the first one really left me yearning. My mind is just making up some story of how will the second book will be like.

My thoughts?

the book is really great! it still contains some of it's quirkiness and cuteness. it just occurred to me that Sophie Mercer is like the female version of Jace Wayland. Sophie is just such a relate-able character, the way she handles all of her pressures on her life and still get to come up some joke about it is really nice.

The plot is still like the previous one, it gets to contain action,magic,mystery and of COURSE the never ending love, it never really occurred to me that Cal will be included in the picture regarding Sophie's love life. It's really nice to see Sophie gets to have a sort of father-daughter bonding, I am really intrigued on what's up with Sophie's parents... I mean why did they broke up if they really love each other. Reading this book is like a mixture of reading The Mortal Instruments and like having a bit of dash of Iron Fey, the birthday party for Sophie reminds me of the scene in Iron Daughter, the part where they have to go to the prom, or maybe it's just because they have been styled up by the same faerie,Leanansidhe. teehee.

as i have said i wasn't much paying attention of the romance part of the book cause the book would have stand on its own without formulating some love interest, and i was a bit pissed when Archer revealed that he uses Elodie and Sophie, (way to go Archer! you D**k!) but when Archer said:
" The thing with us is the only real thing I've had in a long time. You're the only real thing"
fine Archer! you are forgiven! LOL... oh well i have to admit that Archer and Sophie has Chemistry, I really like it, that instead the two of them exchange sweet lines, the make sarcastic yet sweet lines with each other. :))

the ending was like... was like... OH GOD! i really don't know what to come up with the ending my face is scrunched up with agony,fury,confusion and madness while I was witnessing that dreadful ending scene... i mean, did everyone just... just... oh i can't say it! owwww i really really wanna read the next book sooooo bad!

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