May 10, 2012

Book Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Sixteen-year-old high school student Leo Borlock knows how to fit in at Mica High School. He plays the game like everyone else but is more enthralled than most when a new girl comes to school. Stargirl Caraway is her name, or at least the name she is using for now. And after 15 years of homeschooling, she is decidedly different from even the oddest high school students at Mica High. First there's her unusual name, one in a long line of odd names that she has chosen to go by, ignoring her given name of Susan. Then there's the way she looks, shunning makeup and wearing long granny dresses. But all of that is small potatoes when compared to her behavior, which is as weird and bizarre as any of the students at Mica High have ever seen. Stargirl carries a pet rat around with her and lets it sit on her shoulder whenever she serenades her fellow students with her ukulele. She leaves cards and small gifts on students' desks and in neighborhood doorways. She somehow knows the birthdays of everyone at the school and makes a point of singing "Happy Birthday" to them in the lunchroom. She often laughs when there is no joke and dances when there is no music. She is outspoken and friendly, yet has no friends of her own. And during basketball season, when asked to join the cheerleading squad, she cheers for every basket made, regardless of which team made the score. There's no doubt about it, Stargirl marches to the beat of an all together different drummer. At first, the other students at Mica High are suspicious of her and think she might be a plant, someone placed in the school as a spy or as part of some bizarre psychology experiment. But Stargirl's whimsical ways and optimistic spirit eventually prove to be irresistible and before long, paranoia gives way to utter fascination. And the most fascinated of all is Leo, who is falling head over heels in love with this quirky girl.
Book Title: StarGirl (Stargirl#1)
Author: Jerry Spinelli
My Rating 3/5 stars

Book Review

I wasn't able to finish reading fifty shades of grey, due to its overdue kinkyness. so i decided to read this one, cause I think it is a very light and inspirational seems like this book will get my mind of fifty shades of grey....

so my thoughts...

i think the whole book is very random, it features a girl whose name is Stargirl and she is the school own kook, she has this unusual habits that everyone found to be very creepy and weird, so ok! I found stargirl a very unusual girl, but as I read on, i really don't know what this book is about, part of me admired stargirl for being bold and different, I mean I like weird people I think they are special in a way, that is hard to point out, but Stargirl, I just don't get her. part of me wants to call her a Loony, she is just so random and so hard to read. I think it'll be nice if the book was made from Stargirl's POV. It will be nice to know what's really going on her mind... but nevertheless I got an idea of what this book is all about it's daring to be different and not caring what others think of you...

I just wish the book contain a little more depth than that, but nevertheless the book did help me get my mind of fifty shades of grey (OHHH! *cringes*) I consider this book very light... very unusual, can't help to rant that there is not enough concrete plot for me to like this book very much, I've been reading reviews saying how good this book is, but it was good, but i just wish that it isn't as random as it is... the book has its moments and I am happy that I've read this one.. but I guess i'm not up for the next book, I just can't take all the randomness of the story. :P


  1. I feel the same way! It felt as if it was lacking something.
    New follower here from the Philippines!
    x Ellie of

  2. She sounds like Luna Lovegood!

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    Staying tuned!

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