May 12, 2011

Book Review: dark fever by Karen Marie Moning

Book title: DarkFever (Fever#1)
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Genre: Adult Fiction, Urban Fantasy
My Rating:★★★☆☆

I was searching for an adult fantasy book and this suddenly popped out on the computer screen and well, i was shocked i mean the book cover has EROTICA written all over it, and oh believe me the last thing that i wanna read is an erotica novel, i am still cringing on my encounter with the claiming of sleeping beauty 
but then i learned that this book is about Faeries, and i was excited to read it! cause i have i wee bit knowledge about faeries my only reference is TMI and the Iron fey series and the faerie world is not actually the kind of world that i'm familiar with, so why not give this one a try.

in this book we get to meet MacKayla (Mac) Lane she is a 22 year old bartender who recently loss her sister,Alina in Dublin. Alina is found dead in an Alley way and  left her sister cryptic message on her phone's voice mail , due to Mac's  curiosity and desire for vengeance on her sister's death she decided to fly all the way to Dublin to solve her sister's murder herself.

I really don't know what to expect from an adult fantasy novel, since this is written form a 1st person POV we get to read the thoughts of Mac and well to be honest Mac's thoughts are still like reading thoughts from a teenager and i  understand that she is only 22 years old, but then she realized she has an ability to see through Faerie Glamour she is a sidhe-seer (she-seer) to be exact and oh, that's where the adult stuff came in, cause you see in this book we get to see more of the faeries on the Unseelie side (the dark side), Faeries in this book is not as humorous or as good looking as Puck and Ash, faeries in this book is erotic and has rather an unwordly appearance,Faeries in this book will make you wanna have sex and make you horny, so OK this book has a bit of erotica in it, but it's like the manageable kind of erotica, not the i-will-give-you-nightmares-kind. (lol)

in this book we get to also meet Jericho Barrons, well as described by Mac he is oozing with sex appeal but i find Jericho the kind of guy that is too much Dimitri Belikov in him, i mean he is the kind of guy that will intimidate you and he is the kind of guy that has loads of mystery in him and i think he an Mac will make a cute couple cause Jericho is all mystery and seriousness and perfectionist while Mac on the other hand has master the art of bluffing and has a whole lot of pride in her system, i think they complement each other. :)

i gave the book 3 stars cause i like the faerie concept in this book, it's actually good to know the dark side of the faeries, and another plus is having Mac as a main character in this book,  the book is an overall good read not that good and not that bad. this book is an enough teaser for me to want to read the next one. if you want to broaden your knowledge about the faerie world you may wanna try to read this one.

---GABBy. :)

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