May 12, 2011

TVD S02E21: The Sacrifice

for those who haven't watched episode 21 of the vampire diaries click here 
the link will direct you to Isohunt and let you download the torrent file.

*sighs* i was so shocked that this season is coming to an end! yay! i miss a lot of episodes lately due to constantly reading of books. so anyway! this episode is the most heartbreaking episode of TVD ever, many people died in this episode

luca's sister-dead
John Gilbert-dead???

ahhh. i feel like crying after i watched it. poor Elena she has no family left. :(

awwww... the season finale will be aired here in the philippines maybe next week. and i can't wait that long, XC.
i have no idea how will the season end since DAMON WAS BITTEN BY A WEREWOLF i think he's gonna die since there is no such cure for a werewolf bite. owwwww! i so don't want damon to die. :(

i know Klaus is the bad guy, but i like him! especially when he talks. haha! so love that accent!

*GASP* can't wait for the season finale! :)

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